• Blue Force Gear Dedicated Push Button Sling, Black


    The Dedicated Push Button Sling brings the combat-proven quality of the Blue Force Sling adjustable two-point sling to long guns used for hunting and sporting activities. The sling is extremely durable, easy to install and offers the quick adjustability you're used to. The Push Button QD Sling Swivel provides a secure, quiet sling attachment point and allows slings to be quickly removed and installed on multiple weapons.  


    The Blue Force Gear Push Button Sling Swivel was designed to be stronger and lighter than the common Push Button QD Swivels.  The smaller swivel body and push button reduces weight while minimizing the chance of accidentally disengaging the swivel.  A larger gauge sling loop gives increased strength and durability.  The Push Button Quick Detach Sling Swivel has a matte phosphate finish for corrosion resistance and signature reduction.


    The Push Button Sling Swivels fit all common quick detach (QD Swivel) sockets found on some buttstocks, forends, rails, or aftermarket socket adapters.  Ensure that your weapon has a QD socket to correctly attach the sling to the weapon.  


    When tightened, the sling keeps the rifle or shotgun close and secure to the user, allowing ready availability while eliminating concern over muzzle position or long guns slipping off the shoulder. When loosened, the sling is free enough for the user to comfortably shoot.


    The DPB Sling easily attaches with fully captive Push Button Swivels so you never have to worry about misconfiguring the sling or losing any hardware parts. 

    SKU: SLG0901